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Field service management software for the manufacturing industry

New technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), are revolutionising maintenance in the manufacturing industry. Known as predictive maintenance, the operational and financial benefits of these technologies are huge.

Production line downtime due to equipment failures can jeopardise productivity. In an increasingly competitive environment, there’s no good time for such costly mistakes. Production lines must be running at full speed ― day and night.

Manufacturing equipment vendors and service providers need to respond quickly to service calls, as well as reliably manage maintenance contracts. That’s where the Praxedo field service management solution makes all the difference with its powerful preventive maintenance scheduling features.

Also, Praxedo allows service providers to accurately manage equipment life cycles, using work order history and other related equipment statistics. This helps decision-making, especially whether it is more profitable to replace rather than maintain an entire piece of equipment or just a part.

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Maintenance scheduling software, such as Praxedo, enables reliable maintenance plans monitoring. With the recurring work order feature, dispatchers can create long-term maintenance plans in just a few clicks. They can also modify schedules in real time in response to changing constraints.

At the same time, the Praxedo mobile application provides field technicians with all the necessary work order information (e.g. site, type of equipment, spare parts inventory) and paperless/electronic service reports. Reports are transmitted in real time as soon as the work is completed. This means first time fix rate can be maximised.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Optimised schedules using the SmartScheduler technology
  • Real-time scheduling updates in response to constraints
  • Reliable scheduling of recurring jobs
  • Quicker response times to service calls
  • Better compliance with recovery time guarantees


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