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Field service management software for the energy industry

New technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), are profoundly changing the electric and gas utilities industry around the world. All the major players have invested in smart grid technologies, including smart meter programs. There are two dimensions to the field service management for energy:

  • High volume and time-sensitive work orders, such as installations and meter readings for end customers and companies.
  • Larger, lengthier work orders that are part of network infrastructure projects, which involve many checkpoints throughout the project.

Able to seamlessly manage both job types, Praxedo is a robust and flexible platform designed specifically to handle large volumes of work orders of all types. In fact, each type of work order can be associated with a specific business report using the powerful form designer feature.

Additionally, the mobile app supports technicians wherever they are throughout their workday — online or offline — to maximise efficiency and responsiveness.

High volume work schedules need optimized routes


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Praxedo allows utility companies to save large amounts of time when scheduling. In just a few clicks, the dispatcher can plan their field teams’ workload while taking into account multiple constraints (e.g. skills, geolocation, travel time).

Key features and benefits include:

  • Increased productivity by maximising technician workload capacity and schedule optimization
  • Smoother operations using real-time transmission of work order reports
  • Improved management decision-making support using real-time performance indicators
  • Better customer communication with real-time notifications
  • Improved customer loyalty through monitoring of contractual commitments


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These companies have chosen Praxedo to run their business:

  • Field Service Management in the UK Microgeneration and Small-scale Renewable Energy Market: Opportunities for digitisation

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