Enhance the customer experience

Keep your customers informed of progress on their work orders.

  • Take advantage of the PDF generator to send customers the service report after work order completion

    report kpi pdf

    Adapt the Praxedo PDF Report Generator to your corporate template, giving clients an easy-to-understand service report.

  • Create notifications to enhance communication between customers and service providers

    Notifications sent to customers to prevent them from changing work orders

    Create alert channels using text messages or email with triggers, including scheduling, change in activity, and completion of work orders. These notifications provide customers with realtime updates on the smooth progress of work orders.

    > Find out more about notifications
  • Monitor contractual commitments for service level agreement (SLA) compliance

    Contractual commitments monitor

    Praxedo provides personalized indicators that give users a comprehensive overview of commitments made to the end customer. Assuring that commitments are met or that remedies for problems can be implemented quickly involves the use of tracking metrics, such as work order times and recovery times, as well as work order failure rates.

  • Open up Praxedo to the customer to increase efficiency and job visibility

    Portail clients

    The Praxedo web portal lets you give customers/prime contractors access to Praxedo so they can create their own work orders and track their progress in real time.

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