Configurable for your industry

  • Praxedo will work for you

    paramétrage de vos processus métier

    Define work orders, as well as the skills and forms required for reports and authorized lists of items.

  • Define rules for your activity report

    paramétrer règles de suivis des temps

    Manage field personnel and implement workflows. Keep up to date on who’s doing a job, where they’re doing it, and whether they’re on the move. Plus, calculate time spent on jobs by field personnel, while also handling work orders.

    > Find out more about activity reports
  • Configure complex forms

    Configuring complex forms

    Break down the entry feature into basic screens, create a dynamic display for data entered, manage tables, as well perform consistency checks that reflect your industry-specific rules.

    > Find out more about configuring forms
  • Customize the mobile application

    Customizing the mobile application

    Define the data you want displayed to field personnel plus authorize their functions.

  • Customer / site / equipment list

    référentiel à trois niveaux clients sites équipements

    Import customer data or create a list of items or parts or equipment in Praxedo. This feature is especially handy when Praxedo is not connected to an ERP.

Manage your account

Manage your account and the user profiles effectively.

  • Manage user profiles

    gestion des profils utilisateurs administration

    Simplify field personnel operations by creating user profiles that give field technicians the right level of access to information and features.

  • Cluster data by organizational unit for more efficiency

    Clustering data by “organizational unit”

    By using the concept of organizational units, the field personnel in your account only get access to the data that concerns them.

  • Internationalize your account for maximum reach and field personnel usability

    internationalisation français anglais néerlandais allemand de votre compte

    Define operating languages and time zones specific to each user.

Integrate Praxedo with your Information System

Quickly and seamlessly interface your ERP, CRM or accounting software with Praxedo

  • Praxedo has already been integrated with many software solutions, such as:

    integration avec votre ERP SI Sage Salesforce Divalto SAP Infor IBM Maximo Microsoft Dynamics

    Praxedo features communicate with all existing applications. The application offers web service interfaces that ensure seamless integration with your information system.

  • The Praxedo Native Salesforce Connector requires no development time

    Connecteur natif Salesforce

    Praxedo’s Salesforce connector integrates your Praxedo account into your Salesforce Service Cloud account without you developing anything.

    > Find out more about work order tracking in Salesforce

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