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[White paper] Field Service Management in the UK Microgeneration and small-scale Renewable Energy Market

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[White paper] Field Service Management in the UK Microgeneration and small-scale Renewable Energy Market

State of the market, major issues of the profession, digitisation of field service management…
In this new Praxedo white paper, you will discover everything you need to know to optimise your heat pumps and solar panels installation and maintenance activities.

A complete report about the UK energy microgeneration market

The next few years represent exciting opportunities for any person who is qualified in a trade, such as electrical, plumbing/heating. Having the fundamental theoretical understanding and practical skill sets in these fields can open the door to a potentially fruitful and long-term career in the installation and servicing of small-scale renewable and microgeneration systems.
This report provides an overview of the current state of this market, before presenting the profession’s main challenges, namely the need for skilled engineers and innovation.

Why small-scale renewable energy companies need to digitise their field service activities

The third part of the document is devoted to the subject of the necessary digital transformation of field service management processes to optimise the maintenance of energy microgeneration systems and make the activities of installers profitable.
You work in this booming industry? Please discover a practical and comprehensive document to help you optimise the work of your installation and maintenance engineers and increase customer satisfaction.
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